About Me

Sometimes a person gets nostalgic…and I read A LOT when I was a kid, so naturally my mind wanders to those books that I used to read. Due to my nostalgia and pregnancy, I dug out the old books and decided to review them in my own sarcastic way. I’m known for being a more serious person, and sometimes I don’t want that monkey on my back. I’m trying to change my mindset to a more positive thinking, so here is Heidilore’s bookshelf and sarcastic reviews of really tacky 80s books. Do not look for politics here!

I intend on doing books such as Sweet Valley High, Sweet Valley Twins, Baby-Sitters Club, The Fabulous Five, All That Glitters,  Cheerleaders, and others. I might get into the old scifi books I used to read, but those aren’t nearly as fluffy as the chick books lol

Don’t mind the sometimes scathing sarcasm, or the occasional bad language…I simply can’t control myself sometimes 😉

Thank you for stopping by. I will have occasional contests IF I can get people to read the blog(book giveaways).


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